Why a Photographic Event Checklist?

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By Rex-Zane Rudee,
Contributing writer and professional photographer
Bremerton, WA

“OH Heck No!” is an utterance you never want to hear while on site, setting up for event photos.

In the 35 years of photographing dances, Rex-Zane Rudee from Bremerton, Washington recalls only hearing a version of that phrase a couple times, as he told Alba in some written recollections of dance photography episodes. “Once, it was the more pc version in a frantic call from a staffer at a school who’d forgotten to pack enough lights. Fortunately, our studio was only five miles away, and I was able to deliver the missing equipment. As a new studio owner, I became overwhelmed with all the equipment needed for some jobs, so I decided to follow the motto I’d learned as a Sea Scout while in high school, “Be Prepared!”

So the first practical manifestation of that motto took the form of a Photographic Event Checklist. We have a pdf sample of a Photographic Event Checklist. This might help you plan your events and take the worry out of the equation of forgetting things needed for the preparation and setup So, you the photographer, can concentrate on creating the event photography needed. On the checklist, the heading has the event information one would expect: School, Date, Location, Set Up Time, and Start Time.

Rex said, “While introducing new staffers to the importance of using a checklist, I always referred to a pilot’s preflight routine used judiciously before takeoff. Obviously, our lists weren’t needed to save life or limb, but they did save the embarrassment of not being prepared or, worse yet, losing a contract.” This checklist has seven categories: Camera and Accessories, Lighting Kit, Background, Order Supplies, Promotional, Miscellaneous and Props.

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Download the PDF