Photographic Event Equipment Checklist: Supplies for Package Orders

Best Practices

By Rex-Zane Rudee,
Contributing writer and professional photographer
Bremerton, WA

Money Collection Process
“So, where would we be if we didn’t have our money collection process figured out?” says Rex-Zane Rudee, professional photographer. “After all, that’s why we suffer some of the indignities of smiling obsequiously when a dance coordinator or student committee asks, “‘What do we get if we give you the dance contract?’ Or the occasional, ‘Do the pictures cost?’”

“Yes, it’s all about money. Hopefully, enough to make all the planning, staffing, preparation, post production, and delivery worthwhile,” says Rex.

Credit Card Reader
It’s a good idea to price your photo packages to include the tax and in even dollar amounts, so change is easier to make. Petty cash amount of $120 should suffice. Also, take checks and credit cards if possible. A Square Reader or comparable reader for credit cards is a good idea to add to the Cash Box. Have your Crew Leader have the app for that credit card reader on his/her phone which links to your bank.

Order Forms
Rudee’s photographic studio printed order forms two up on 8 ½ by 11 paper and cut in half. You might need many different types of order forms, so have a dedicated B&W printer just for them, and a large cutter which could slice a stack of 50 to 100 sheets at a time. Take twice as many forms as couples expected to attend the dance. A little overkill, but you will never run out of forms.

The Clipboards are a good idea to use  by couples in line who don’t want to wait and fill out their order at the form table. It’s a good idea to give the school or event order forms to pass out during ticket sales. However don’t expect all forms to be filled out ahead of the event. Usually about 10% will.

“The highlighters are used for drawing attention to special notations on the event/dance forms. But they also were a key component for your checklist checking.,” says Rudee. “When the equipment was loaded into the vehicle on the way to the event, each line was crossed off with the yellow highlighter. Then, at the end of the dance, when the equipment was loaded back into the vehicle, the pink highlighter was used to check off items, so nothing was left behind. That way, if all the lines were orange, we knew we had everything.

Receipt Spike
“One Receipt Spike was included in each cash box and was placed on a table next to the photographer. After photographing a couple, the frame number was written on the order form, and it was then impaled on the receipt spike. That maintained the sequencing, and made it easier for post production when all the data had to be entered in the lab’s printing program, “ Rex concluded.

Alba Backgrounds thanks Rex-Zane Rudee for his contributions to our tips and tricks.