Photographic Event Equipment Checklist: Promotional Materials and Miscellany

By Rex-Zane Rudee,
Contributing writer and professional photographer
Bremerton, WA

Promotional Materials and Business Cards
Don’t forget to take your promotional materials to ALL events. How many times have you been asked for a business card and either can’t find them or the worst thing… forget them. Not professional. Be sure to place your business cards on your tables at the event, as well as by the price list, on the cashier table, and even in every staff member’s pocket.

Backdrop Support System
You will definitely need to promote yourself. Take a large banner, or your studio sign to put at your set-up. A backdrop support system with photo package samples is a great way to visualize your products, but it also sends a subliminal message of up selling if you feature the larger packages.

Miscellany Extra Modeling Bulbs
For Miscellaneous items, always have some extra modeling bulbs. It isn’t for seeing light patterns, but really for the hair light to confirm that it still had power. Of course, the flash is an indication of the lights working, but the flash from the hair light isn’t always that obvious because your eyes are on the couple.

Tool Kit
The Tool Kit has so many random uses. Pliers to straighten the reflector dropped during set up, to using sockets for tightening a slowly collapsing tripod leg. Which, by the way, should have been checked in the first part of the list and not be an issue during an event.
     But, this does happen in the middle of events, more than you’d like to admit. And that cool little plastic wrench attached to the tripod leg? Yeah, those usually get lost.

Clothes Pins
The Clothes Pins provide emergency fixes for broken dress straps or for tailoring the occasional too large tux jacket.

Rubber Bands
And why bring rubber bands? Great for bundling order forms from spindle, when needing to remove them but keep the sequencing. What else can you find uses for rubber bands.? A million.

Translucent Powder
Translucent Powder is a biggie. It can be used on both guys and gals to get rid of the facial shine quite noticeable after dancing or during any event before a photo shoot. And the Makeup Pads provide a way to apply the powder.

Mirrors are always needed for that last minute prep by the customers. The gals, and even some of the guys, made good use of it.

Tents seem like an anomaly, but are used when photographing outside events. Primarily, it’s used for the cashier who may have to set up in the hot sun. Or, as in the Pacific Northwest, to keep things dry if photographing in a drizzle. In that case, a tent is good covering the camera too.

Folding Tables
The folding tables of any size are very useful outside or when the venue doesn’t have any indoors either.

A Stool for the photographer is a welcomed relief during long events.

Yellow Duct Tape
Yellow Duct Tape? (The Red Green Show would be so proud.) This is actually 3M Tape that holds like crazy, but it doesn’t pull off paint, or worse yet, the venue floor lacquer. Unfortunately, the grey standard duct tape does leave marks after pulling it up. The yellow duct tape has so many other uses, too, from fixing saggy clothes, keeping a background floor in place, or attaching something to something. But most importantly, it is used to mark off waiting areas and a “Stop Here” line. Gaffer’s tape works great too, but we found the 3M yellow duct tape product was not only cheaper, but even reusable.

Extra Props in Plastic Tubs or Boxes
Extra Props used to make the photographic scene more enticing, is always fun. Whether it’s feather boas for a Roaring Twenties theme or Hawaiian leis and surf boards for beach and tropical themes, or canteens and pith helmets for Jungle themes, props make it fun for the customer as well as setting the mood which will, in turn produce fun and great pictures for that package they will buy.