Photographic Event Equipment Checklist: Backgrounds and Floors

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By Rex-Zane Rudee,
Contributing writer and professional photographer
Bremerton, WA

Game changer, a mood maker, and a profit builder
Backgrounds are the heart and soul of making professional photography “pop!”  For events of any kind, it’s a game changer, a mood maker, and a profit builder.

In this article, Alba wants to share some thoughts from one of our clients about the service, backgrounds and floors we provided for his professional photographic studio for over many years.

“Probably 98 percent of our dance backgrounds were from Alba,” said Rex-Zane Rudee, our contributing writer and also a professional photographer from Bremerton, WA. “In our inventory of 140 plus Alba Backgrounds, we had a number of the early airbrushed art sprayed on large paper rolls by Dedrick Dalgarno in his Tacoma, WA home garage. Some were then painted on canvas in the early day, which evolved to a muslin base, which evolved to a sturdy plastic material in the advent of digital, large format printing. Next came the various materials that needed only a little steaming to remove wrinkles and were stuffed in a bag for easy portability. “

Know what your event theme is ahead of presentation.
“When making a presentation to a school,” Rudee continued, “ we always made sure we knew what the theme of the event was ahead of time.  That meant we were armed with ideas for backdrops and props.  Alba is always a great resource for ideas for practically any theme and if the committee came up with a unique design for their event, we’d call on Alba to create a custom backdrop and they always came through with astonishing results.”

“The greatest development in Alba’s creative work was the advent of the 3D backdrops which seemlessly included the floor." —Rex-Zane Rudee

Flooring is the next item on your checklist. Of course, the 3D backgrounds from Alba, will take care of that.  But if that doesn’t meet your needs, Alba also has separate floors that will mix and match with a variety of backdrops.