Question: Are Alba backdrops made in the USA?

Answer: Yes.  While most of the backdrops sold in America are sourced from overseas, Alba is proud to say that their backdrops are sourced and printed in the US of A.

Question: Can the backdrops be washed?

Answer: Yes they can.  Wash in cold water on gentle cycle with a mild detergent.  Then, tumble dry on gentle cycle also.

Question: Are your backdrops flame retardant?

Answer: Yes they are.  Flame retardant - Class A  Test: NFPA 701 Small Scale

Question: Is your turnaround time always the same?

Answer: No.  We certainly have peak production times such as Prom time, Homecoming, Christmas, Valentines etc.  During those occasions it is best to order early.  International orders take longer and vary because of Customs & Excise regulations affecting countries differently. We cannot guarantee delivery dates for international orders

Question: Will you accept rush orders?

Answer: Yes we will and they may incur a 20% surcharge depending on the time of year.  Best to plan well ahead to avoid disappointment due to anomalies such as bad weather conditions, shipping errors etc.

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