Halloween Backdrops

Halloween Backdrops

Halloween is just around the corner and we’ve conjured up a few new halloween backdrops for all the ghosts and goblins out there!  For kids and adults alike, a lot of time is spent on making the perfect costume.  Our backdrops will make your halloween event even more memorable by putting your subjects right in the middle of a spooky scene!

Our original halloween designs are printed on high quality seamless polyester fabric and come in 10ft x 10ft as well as 10ft x 20ft which features a floor.  Polyester is the perfect choice for a backdrop material, since it stays vibrant in color yet is non reflective so you won’t have to deal with hot spots.

Some of our featured Halloween Backdrops

Halloween Backdrop - Bats in the BelfryPhotography Background - HeatPhotography Background - Hall of MagicMoondance - 10'x20' Photography Backdrop with FloorHouse on Haunted Hill - 10'x20' Photography Backdrop with FloorPhoto Backdrop- Dante's InfernoPhoto Backdrop - Wonderland with Fairy DustPhotography Background - Fantasy Coach with Castle

Or simply type “Halloween” into our search at the top of this page.  Here’s to a great photo shoot and capturing moments that will never come again!  A photo lasts forever, right?

In the meantime…here are a few little Halloween facts:

  • Over 36 million children will dress up in costumes to trick-or-treat this year, that’s a lot of candy!
  • The largest pumpkin ever measured was grown by John Hawkley.  He broke the world record in 2014 with a 2,058 pound pumpkin!
  • The famous magician Harry Houdini died Halloween night, October 31st 1926 from a ruptured appendix, the result of three punches to his stomach.
  • Halloween means hallowed evening or holy evening.  It is derived from the Scottish term All Hallows’ Eve (the evening before All Hallows’ Day).  In Scots, the word “eve” is even, and this is contracted to e’en or een. Over time, this has evolved into Halloween.
  • The country of Ireland is believed to be the birthplace of Halloween, some 2,000 years ago.  It is based on the Irish Celtic festival Samhain, which celebrates the end of the harvest season.
  • The first recorded Jack-O-Lantern’s were actually carved out of turnips!
  • Chocolate accounts for almost 75% of Halloween’s treats.  So much for apples!
  • Halloween (the second most commercialized holiday of the year) and the candy industry most likely influenced Daylight Savings Time.  Candy lobbists figured an extra hour of daylight would allow kids to collect more candy.  NPR did great article on this which can be found here if you’re interested.
  • Witches and broomsticks?  Back in the day, elderly women who were accused of witchcraft were usually poor.  Since they could not afford a horse, they would use a walking stick, which was often replaced by a broom, to help them travel.  Make the best of what you have I guess!
  • The next full moon on Halloween is coming up in 2020.  Hey, that’s only 5 years away!


Happy Halloween Everyone!!!



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