Welcome to Alba-Creative ~ we are the best kept secret of professional photography studios, event and show planners in North America, Europe and Australia. We have been designing and manufacturing professional backdrops & backgrounds since 1984. Through the years; our designers have advanced from hand-painting to airbrushing and today, use grand format printing. It’s our steadfast commitment to elevating and perfecting our craft, including adopting the newest manufacturing techniques that has earned us the status as an industry leader in backdrop innovation and artistic expression. Alba-Creative is synonymous with superior quality, due to our vast selection of impeccably designed photography, event and expo backgrounds. We set the bar, in backdrops!


Today, we are delighted to bring our exceptional collections directly to you. Please take a look around, you’ll love what you see. Make your own memorable impressions, moments and keepsakes with our exquisitely designed, high quality backdrops and backgrounds that transport your parties, events and shows to another place and time ~ in 3D. Whether you’re a planner seeking a 3D Room Panorama or a photo booth backdrop, maybe a studio after the latest trends or an individual throwing a party; we are here for you 100%! Designing daily on Sleepy Hollow Rd, in Port Townsend, Washington, near the Emerald City of Seattle, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Collaborate with Alba Creative today and you will shine. We wish you a picture perfect day!

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