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We offer a full line of backdrops from our vast catalog of themes and styles. Our founder, Dedrick Dalgarno, started Alba Backgrounds in 1984 with the aim to provide high quality, innovative products with a focus on artistry. Our designers at Alba Backgrounds are artists in their own right. Dedrick and the rest of the Alba Backgrounds team delight in helping you make your own memorable impressions, moments and keepsakes with exquisitely designed, superior quality backdrops. The Alba team work tirelessly to create just the right backdrop for planners seeking a 3D Room Panorama, prom and other event photographers trying to transport their photo subjects to another time and place, or individual’s throwing a party for a special occasion. The Alba Backgrounds team is here for you. We go the extra mile to make sure you get the best backdrop for your occasion.

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We opened the doors of Alba Backgrounds  in 1984. Our team of experienced and highly-skilled designers have been creating superior quality backdrops ever since. Although the methods have changed dramatically over the past 30 years, we’ve wholeheartedly embraced each change. Our designers have advanced from hand-painting, to airbrush and, today, we use grand format printing to bring our hand-crafted designs to life.

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We have a steadfast commitment to elevate and perfect our craft, including the adoption of the newest manufacturing techniques. This commitment has earned us our status as an industry leader in backdrop innovation and artistic expression. We promise to continue to make Alba Backgrounds synonymous with superior quality and offer a vast selection of impeccably designed photography, event and expo backgrounds. We set the bar high for backdrops in 1984 and we promise to keep pushing the envelope for innovation, quality and artistic expression!

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